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This is a comparison of various aspects of software offering system dynamics features: 这是对提供系统动力学 system dynamics功能的软件各方面的比较:

Due to concerns over commercial postings on the system dynamics main topic, commercial hyperlinks are specifically NOT active on this list. "由于考虑到系统动力学主要专题帖子的商业性质,商业性超链接在本清单上是特殊的,其无法被无法点击。"

Table of system dynamics software

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Package name 包名 Licensing 软件许可证 Implementation language 实现语言 Last update (year) 上次更新(年) More info 更多信息
AMESim Proprietary, commercial 专有的,商业的 C 2017 Distributed by Siemens. Modelica-models supported. 由西门子开发。支持Modelica模型。
Analytica 分析软件 Proprietary, commercial, free limited version 免费限量版 C++ 2018 Supports system dynamics, Monte Carlo simulation for uncertainty, array abstraction for handling multidimensional data, linear and non-linear optimization. Uses influence diagrams to define, navigate, and document models. 支持系统动力学 system dynamics,用于不确定性的 蒙特卡罗模拟 Monte Carlo simulation,处理多维数据的数组抽象,线性和非线性优化。使用影响图 influence diagrams来定义、指导和记录模型。
AnyLogic Proprietary, commercial, free Personal Learning Edition (PLE) for education, formal or not Java 2020 Supports system dynamics, agent based and discrete event modeling, allows making hybrid models. 支持系统动力学、基于代理和离散事件建模,允许制作混合模型 hybrid models
ASCEND 模板:Free, GNU General Public License (GPL) C 2012 For solving small to very large mathematical models, systems of non-linear equations, linear and nonlinear optimisation problems, dynamic systems expressed as differential-algebraic equations. 用于求解小型到特大型数学模型、非线性方程系统、线性和非线性优化问题、用微分代数方程表示的动态系统。
Berkeley Madonna Proprietary, shareware C++, Java 2018 Developed on Berkeley campus under sponsorship of NSF and NIH, used by academic and commercial institutions to build mathematical models for research and teaching. Solves ordinary differential equations (initial conditions and boundary value problems), difference equations (initial conditions and boundary value problems), multi-dimensional transcendental algebraic equation roots, discrete simulations using conveyors, ovens, and queues. Suitable for large-scale systems, boundary value problems, Monte Carlo models, curve fitting, root finding, batch processes, parameter plots, stiff systems, etc. 在美国国家科学基金会和美国国立卫生研究院的赞助下,在伯克利校园内开发,被学术和商业机构用于建立数学模型,用于研究和教学。解决普通微分方程(初始条件和边界值问题)、差分方程(初始条件和边界值问题)、多维超代数方程根、使用传送带、烘箱和队列进行离散模拟。适用于大规模系统、边界值问题、蒙特卡洛模型、曲线拟合、寻根、批处理、参数图、刚性系统等。
DYNAMO Proprietary, no longer distributed commercially AED, Pascal 1986 Historic DYNAMO models are often available at the MIT system dynamics website. DYNAMO software for microcomputers may be available via eBay or other resale sites. 在麻省理工学院的系统动力学网站上通常可以获得之前的DYNAMO模型。用于微机的DYNAMO软件可通过eBay或其他转售网站获得。
GoldSim Proprietary, commercial C++ 2019 Differs from traditional system dynamics approaches in that 1) it puts much greater emphasis on probabilistic simulation techniques to support representation of uncertain and/or stochastic systems; and 2) it provides a wide variety of specialized model objects (beyond stocks, flows and converters) in order to make models less abstract (and hence more transparent) and help represent processes and events that cannot easily be represented using a traditional system dynamics approach. These differences are due to the fact that GoldSim is primarily used for engineering and scientific applications where quantitative probabilistic predictions of future performance are required. 与传统系统动力学方法的不同之处在于:1)它更加强调概率模拟技术,以支持不确定和/或随机系统的表示;2)它提供了多种专门的模型对象(除库存、流量和转换器外),以使模型不那么抽象(因此更加透明),并帮助表示那些无法用传统系统动力学方法轻松表示的过程和事件。这些差异是由于GoldSim主要用于需要对未来性能进行定量概率预测的工程和科学应用。
Insight Maker Free, Insight Maker Public License (GPL adjusted) JavaScript 2020 Insight Maker supports System Dynamics modeling: a powerful method for exploring systems on an aggregate level. It is 100% browser based with an open support group using Google mail list. Insight Maker 支持系统动力学建模:一个强大的方法用来探索系统的总体水平。它是100%基于浏览器的,存在一个使用Google邮件列表的开放支持组。
iThink Proprietary, commercial 专有的,商业的 C++, Javascript 2018 System dynamics and discrete event modeling with some agent-based capabilities. Drag and drop user interface builder allows simulations to be published online. Includes multilevel hierarchical models, reusable modules, multidimensional arrays, optimization, and Monte Carlo analysis. 系统动力学和离散事件建模,具有一些基于代理的功能。拖放式用户界面构建器允许在线发布模拟结果。包括多级分层模型、可重用模块、多维阵列、优化和蒙特卡洛分析。
LOOPY Free, CC Zero license JavaScript 2019 A tool for thinking in systems. Users draw circles and lines to build an interactive simulation of a complex system. 一个系统领域的思考工具。用户通过圆形和线条对复杂系统进行交互式模拟。
MapleSim Proprietary, commercial Java (GUI), C, Maple (engine) 2017 Modelica-based system-level modeling tool. Leverages symbolic computing via tight integration with Maple. 基于Modelica的系统级建模工具。通过与Maple的紧密集成,使用符号计算。
NetLogo 模板:Free, GPLv2 Java, Scala 2018 Agent-based modeling environment in LOGO; supports system dynamics models as a secondary feature. LOGO中的建模环境是基于代理的;支持系统动力学模型作为辅助功能。
OpenModelica 模板:Free, OSMC Public License, Eclipse Public License (EPL), GNU General Public License (GPL) C, C++, MetaModelica 2018 Modelica-based modeling and simulation environment. Modelica is an object-oriented, declarative, multi-domain modeling language for component-oriented modeling of complex systems; there is a freely available System Dynamics library. 基于Modelica的建模和仿真环境。Modelica是一种面向对象、声明式、多域建模语言,用于复杂系统的组件化建模;有一个免费版本System Dynamics library
Powersim Studio Proprietary, commercial, free limited version C++ 2018 Supports system dynamics; building graphical diagrams using stocks and flow, including delays and feedback for non-linear models. Supports units, multi-dimensions running scenario simulations and Monte Carlo simulations. 支持系统动力学;利用存量和流量建立 图形图 graphical diagrams,包括非线性模型的延迟和反馈。支持单位、多维度运行情景模拟和蒙特卡洛模拟。
Sheetless Proprietary, commercial, free online version Rust, Javascript 2020 System dynamics with some discrete event and agent-based capabilities. Web-based modelling with drag and drop user interface makes it easy to publish and share. Extensive data integrations and model export as code targeting R, Python, C, Rust, Javascript for Data Science workflows. 系统动力学,具有一些离散事件和基于代理的功能。基于网络的建模和支持拖放的用户界面使其易于发布和共享。广泛的数据集成和模型导出为针对R、Python、C、Rust、Javascript的数据科学工作流的代码。
Simcad Pro Proprietary, commercial, free full featured demo Visual interface 2019 Interactive process simulation software with support for manufacturing, healthcare and supply chain. 2D and 3D visualization with VR capability. 交互式流程模拟软件,支持制造、医疗和供应链。具有VR功能的2D和3D可视化。
Simantics System Dynamics 模板:Free, Eclipse Public License (EPL) Java, Modelica 2018 Free and open source system dynamics modelling software with stock and flow modelling, hierarchical models and array variables. 免费和开源的系统动力学建模软件,具有存量和流量建模、分层模型和阵列变量。
Simulink Proprietary, commercial ? 2019 Tight integration with MATLAB
StatSim 模板:Free, open-source JavaScript, WebAssembly, WebPPL 2020 Free web app for statistical simulations and system dynamics modelling. Supports model fitting with Bayesian inference and mathematical optimization. 用于统计模拟和系统动力学建模的免费网络应用。支持贝叶斯推理和数学优化的模型拟合。
Stella Proprietary, commercial, limited free online version C++, Javascript 2020 System dynamics and discrete event modeling with some agent-based capabilities. Drag and drop user interface builder in Architect versions allows simulations to be published online. Includes multilevel hierarchical models, reusable modules, multidimensional arrays, optimization, and Monte Carlo analysis. 系统动力学和离散事件建模,具有一些基于代理的功能。在Architect版本中,拖放式的用户界面构建器允许在线发布模拟结果,包括多级分层模型、可重用模块、多维阵列、优化和蒙特卡洛分析。包括多级分层模型、可重用模块、多维阵列、优化和蒙特卡洛分析。
TRUE Free, proprietary Wlanguage 2019 The System Dynamics software TRUE (Temporal Reasoning Universal Elaboration), developed by True-World System Dynamics, is a tool for modeling, simulating, analyzing and optimizing multidomain dynamic applications. True-World 系统动力学公司开发的系统动力学软件TRUE(Temporal Reasoning Universal Elaboration)是一个多领域动态应用的建模、仿真、分析和优化工具。
Vensim Proprietary, commercial, free Personal Learning Edition (PLE) for education and personal use C, C++ 2020 Continuous simulation with stocks and flows, some discrete delay and discrete event functionality. Flexible array syntax with mapping among dimensions. Extensive support for time series data import and export, with calibration optimization and Markov chain Monte Carlo for estimation. Monte Carlo and other sensitivity simulation methods. Graphical model construction and interfaces. External functions and compiled simulation. 具有存货和流量的连续模拟,一些离散延迟和离散事件功能。灵活的数组语法与维度之间的映射。广泛支持时间序列数据的导入和导出,具有校准优化和马尔可夫链蒙特卡洛估计功能。蒙特卡洛和其他敏感性模拟方法。图形化的模型构建和界面。支持外部函数和编译模拟。
Ventity Proprietary, commercial, free academic version C# 2019 Entity-based simulation, supporting classic SD as well as detailed and agent simulations with dynamic creation of structure, ad hoc data and sparse matrices. Collaboration and source control friendly. Continuous simulation with stocks and flows and discrete event actions between time steps. Time series and initialization data import and export, with calibration optimization sensitivity simulation. Graphical model construction and interface. Geospatial viewer for GIS-based simulation. 基于实体 entity 的模拟,支持尽可能详细的经典SD以及可动态创建结构、特设数据和稀疏矩阵。协作和源控制友好的代理模拟。连续模拟,支持存货和流量,以及时间步长之间的离散事件动作,支持时间序列和初始化数据的导入和导出。时间序列和初始化数据的导入和导出,具有校准优化灵敏度模拟功能。图形化的模型构建和界面。地理空间查看器,用于基于GIS的模拟。
VisSim Proprietary, commercial C 2011 Accredited education institutions are allowed to site license VisSim v3.0 for free. The latest versions, and add-ons, are available to students and academic institutions at reduced pricing. A read-only version of the software, VisSim Viewer is available for free and provides a way for unlicensed users to run VisSim models. 经认可的教育机构可以免费获得VisSim v3.0。学生和学术机构可以以优惠价格获得最新版本和附加组件。VisSim Viewer是该软件的只读版本,可免费使用,为未获得许可的用户提供运行VisSim模型的方法。
Wolfram SystemModeler Proprietary, commercial 2019 Supports system dynamics, discrete event modeling, external C-functions, hierarchical models, and the Modelica modeling language with tight integration with Mathematica. Models can be exported to run as standalone applications for users without SystemModeler. 支持系统动力学、离散事件建模、外部C函数、分层模型以及Modelica建模语言,并与Mathematica紧密集成。模型可以导出为独立的应用程序,供没有SystemModeler的用户运行。
L.NoteLGraphing library MxGraph is licensed separately under paid commercial licence

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